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Roles and responsibilities

Who does what

All three partners of the ARISE Program share responsibility for strategy, deployment, and decision-making. We aim to be accountable, and to make the decision-making processes transparent to all of our stakeholders.

The ARISE Program is aligned with national strategies against child labor in the target countries, and strengthens the capacity of governments, employers’ and workers’ organizations, communities and civil society to combat child labor. 

In order to function in a coordinated and efficient manner, the ARISE Program has established a Program Coordinating Mechanism (PCM) at international and country levels. The PCM is responsible for achieving the aims of the ARISE program, and is composed of three main entities:

  1. International Advisory Committee
  2. Program Coordinating Team
  3. Country Coordinating Committees.

International Advisory Committee

The International Advisory Committee (IAC) is a forum in which all three of the program’s partners can raise issues and adjust direction and timing by consensus. There is a maximum of 10 members and it meets once per year.

The responsibilities of the IAC include:

  • monitor overall program progress
  • promote effective coordination between the partners
  • advise on overall program direction
  • advise on communication strategy and activities.

Program Coordinating Team

The main role of the Program Coordinating Team (PCT) is to liaise with the International Advisory Committee and the Country Coordinating Committees, with a particular focus on program outcomes. It meets and communicates as regularly as is appropriate. The PCT is comprised of four members – Chair (JTI), a project manager (Winrock International), and two desk officers (ILO).

The responsibilities of the PCT include:

  • continuous program coordination and consolidation of program documents, and work plans
  • coordinate program monitoring and evaluation plan
  • advise on strategic orientations to execute program work plan and key program indicators
  • review communication and progress report
  • advise on deliverables
  • share best practices.

Country Coordinating Committees

The purpose of the Country Coordinating Committees (CCC) is to continuously improve the partnership between ILO, Winrock International and JTI, to align implementing strategies to build synergies into the program and identify opportunities.

The core composition in each country:

  • JTI representative in country
  • Winrock representative in country
  • ILO representative in country

The chair of the CCC rotates every month between the three representatives. The chair is responsible for taking the minutes and circulating them to the Program Coordination Team at headquarter level.

The CCCs meet once a month. Others may join extraordinary meetings that take place outside regular CCC meetings and are based on a specific agenda item. These others could be ARISE field officers, other partners colleagues, tripartite constituents (government, employer and worker organizations), local authorities (municipality, district), or members from farmers organizations.

The responsibilities of the CCCs are:

  • to plan and adjust program activities
  • to ensure ongoing coordination for the work plan execution
  • to coordinate program monitoring and evaluation activities
  • to ensure full engagement of national tripartite constituents and other appropriate stakeholders to align with existing national child labor plans
  • to provide technical support as needed.

Codes of Conduct

ARISE is a partnership of three different organizations and as such each employee must abide by the Code of Conduct of his or her own employing organization. The three codes of conduct that are relevant for those working for ARISE are: