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Youth learning carpentry and joinery skills in Malawi

Vocational training

Access to new skills

Older youth who have been removed from child labor as well as those at risk of child labor are eligible to take part in vocational training programs coordinated by ARISE.

Some 14- to 17-year-old children opt not to continue with formal education. In these cases, ARISE supports their placement in vocational skills training programs. The skills taught – such as carpentry, brick making and tailoring – are based on community assessments that identify what skills are available and marketable in the local communities. We work closely with local authorities to identify needy beneficiaries, and children also have to give an assessment of their capacity to benefit from the training. Where possible, ARISE will explore the possibility of having the children placed in formal vocational skills centers where materials are already available and the options are wider. When a child has completed a training program, we help steer him or her into relevant jobs.


Business management skills are also part of the overall training offered. These training programs are offered with a focus on starting and improving small businesses as a strategy for creating more and better employment. They enable existing entrepreneurs to develop viable and profitable businesses and create quality employment for others.

ARISE also facilitates community-initiated adult literacy classes, with the view that literacy strengthens both individuals’ ability to improve their livelihood as well as community development in general and can therefore lead to a reduction in child labor in the long-term.

Skills-based training

Older youth that are removed from child labor have the chance to learn new skills that can lead to employment or starting their own business.


Private and public sector working together

The ARISE program is an initiative of the International Labour Organization, JTI and Winrock International.

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In 2012, 480 youth in Malawi were enrolled in Model Farm Schools.



In Brazil in 2012, 136 youths received six months of training in vocational agriculture and safety practices.