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Back to school

Gracious Ndalama | Malawi | 15 February 2016

Back to school

Our latest success stories from Malawi describe how students Anthony and Maria are back in school, and how it’s never too late for teachers to become better educators.

Anthony – from goat herder to best in class

At age 11, Anthony Lungu used to work as a herd boy to support his family’s income. A chance meeting with two friends who were coming from the Msambo Complementary Basic Education project (CBE) changed his life forever. Anthony was inspired to visit the CBE and asked if he could also enroll. Following a review of his job and a discussion with his family he was withdrawn from work. Anthony attends class at CBE, and scores in the top five of his class. Read more about Anthony’s story [LINK TO SUCCESS STORY]

Maria – a lesson in law changes future

Knowing and understanding laws about child labor is important but it’s not always the reality for those most affected by child labor. We counseled the parents of Maria Kasambwe (15) of Lilongwe, about the law and effects of child labor. She had been working in tobacco and maize fields since she was 12. Now she’s back in school. Read more about Maria’s story [LINK TO SUCCESS STORY].

Beatrice – teacher training makes for better educators

Teachers in rural Malawi work in difficult conditions. Resources are scarce and class sizes are very large. An ARISE needs based assessment identified gaps in teachers’ training and technical skills, and led to the development of a teacher training program. Beatrice Mateyo, teacher at Malikha School, Lilongwe Rural East District took part and says, “I can see that I have improved a great deal. I am now able to vary teaching methods to suit classroom situations and to respond to my learners’ learning styles.” The performance of her students has also improved.

ARISE é uma iniciativa conjunta da Organização Internacional do Trabalho (OIT), JTI e Winrock International. Foi desenvolvida com o envolvimento de governos federais, parceiros sociais e comunidades produtoras de tabaco.