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Related programs

Important synergies

Several activities support ARISE and reinforce our goal to prevent and help eliminate child labor in tobacco growing communities. 

ARISE integrates with the activities of other platforms and programs whose operations are aligned with our mission and approach. Activities complement each other and further strengthen our relationships with local communities and aim to address the shortage of school resources, increase capacity building, and improve access to nutritious food in schools.

Grower Support Program


JTI’s Grower Support Program delivers needs-based community projects in school infrastructure, education, water, sanitation and well-being.  Targeted social investments are intended to widen the access to quality education  and support rural youth with a range of activities aimed at increasing attendance rates at schools. It also aims to help safeguard the livelihoods of the farming communities.

Table for Two


JTI’s Table for Two provides access to food and vegetables grown in school gardens in which children also learn about nutrition, environmental conservation and agriculture. The program donates the equivalent of USD $0.25 for every meal purchased or provided for employees at JTI’s canteen in Tokyo. It focuses on gardens at ARISE schools as a way to offer good nutrition and ensures that children at school receive regular meals. It also offers practical techniques and skills to ARISE schools (committees, teachers, mothers and children), to create vegetables gardens and learn about to learn about agriculture, food, nutrition and environmental conservation through school gardening.

Teachers Support Program


JTI’s Teacher Support Program develops teachers’ skills and mobilizes resources to create quality learning environments. IT addresses the lack of adequate facilities, materials, and support for teachers, and aims to create the conditions in which teachers and students can succeed. It provides in-service training and mobilizes resources to improve schools, building the capacity of teachers to teach well. It also encourages children to stay in school, advancing the ARISE Program’s overall goal of reducing child labor through education.

The Teacher Support Program is implemented districts in Africa where the ARISE program operates. It specifically aims to:

  • build the capacity of school management
  • help teachers to identify and prioritize gaps and to create school improvement plans matching resources through a grant mechanism
  • build the capacity of teachers to implement curriculum and provide essential materials to equip them and their classrooms for improved success
  • encourage community ownership of schools
  • respond to other crucial problems in education identified by key local stakeholders.


Our activities

Our activities aim to address the underlying root causes of child labor in the tobacco industry.

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Brazil, Malawi, Tanzania and Zambia

We reach thousands of children and their families.

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We use the ILO definition

Not all work done by children should be classified as child labor that is to be targeted for elimination.

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ARISE aims to end child labor in communities where JTI sources tobacco leaf. We work with those directly affected and with others who have the power to change things. Our initiatives are developed and delivered in collaboration with tobacco-growing communities, social partners and governments.