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Important synergies

Several activities support ARISE and reinforce our goal to prevent and help eliminate child labor in tobacco growing communities.

Eliminating child labor cannot be separated from sustainable tobacco leaf production. ARISE is embedded within our supply chain due diligence process. Initiatives are developed and delivered in collaboration with tobacco-growing communities, social partners and governments.

We run a robust due diligence process on tobacco farms. Where child labor is identified, we work with relevant partners to ensure that cases are responded to and remediated appropriately, addressing the root causes and keeping the best interests of the child at the center of all decision-making.

Where we contract growers directly, agronomy technicians visit growers several times a year. During these visits they provide technical advice on how to achieve the right quality and yield, but they also observe labor practices, with a focus on identifying child labor risks. If child labor, or an indication of the risk of child labor, is observed on a farm, the technician will immediately address this with the grower. He or she will also record the observation, and make sure to follow up at the next visit. If child labor is seen as a systemic issue of high priority, we deploy specific improvement programs like ARISE.

ARISE integrates with the activities of other platforms and programs whose operations are aligned with our mission and approach. Activities complement each other and further strengthen our relationships with local communities and aim to address the shortage of school resources, increase capacity building, and improve access to nutritious food in schools.

Agricultural Labor Practices (ALP) 


Sets standards for JTI growers on child labor, rights of workers, and workplace health and safety. Read more on ALP in our booklet

Grower Support Program (GSP)


Delivers needs-based community projects in school infrastructure, education, water, sanitation and well-being.

Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)


Improves farmer profitability and promotes safe working conditions for farm laborers concentrating on areas of productivity, usability and integrity.

Market Match


Helps farmers diversify their crops to strengthen and increase their income by matching them with buyers. We encourage growers to use seasonal crop rotations, for example growing complementary crops such as maize, groundnuts or soya on the same land in alternate seasons. The benefits of this are extra income, improved food security, and soil conservation.

Eliminating Child Labour in Tobacco (ECLT) Foundation


Aims to eradicate all forms of child labor by bringing together businesses, states, and farmers in collective action. ECLT works towards strengthening child protection systems for governments and businesses and implementing evidence-based solutions in agriculture. ECLT activities complement the activities of ARISE in our non-VI operations. Find out more on the ECLT website.


Our activities

Our activities aim to address the underlying root causes of child labor in the tobacco industry.

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Brazil, Malawi, Tanzania, Zambia, Ethiopia and Bangladesh

We reach thousands of children and their families.

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We use the ILO definition

Not all work done by children should be classified as child labor that is to be targeted for elimination.

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ARISE aims to end child labor in communities where JTI sources tobacco leaf. We work with those directly affected and with others who have the power to change things. Our initiatives are developed and delivered in collaboration with tobacco-growing communities, social partners and governments.